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Targa Sixty Six was started in 1991 by Brian for owners of vintage and modern high performance and collector cars that do not necessarily wish to race them, but who like to drive at speed under controlled conditions, in the company of others with like interests.

At each event, the following are provided:
Three days of track use. Normal schedule is 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. (Members can expect to have 6-8 hours of track time each weekend-more if they feel up to it!)

Track marshals, EMS vehicle and staff.

Lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the track.

Saturday semi-formal (jacket and tie) evening dinner.




Driving instruction, if desired, is available from Brian or one of the other "pro’s" in attendance.

Sometimes, we will have a guest speaker/instructor, past attendees have included: Bob Akin, David Hobbs, Augie Pabst, Hurley Haywood, Juan Manuel Fangio II, Derek Bell, Richard Attwood, David Piper, Bill Adam, David E.Davis, Leo Mehl, Stirling Moss, David Murry, John Paul. Jr.

Examples of members’ cars include Ferrari: Daytona, 275 GTC, 512M, F40, F 50, 348, 355. Porsche: 962/956/917/910/550A/Speedster: Jaguar: "D" type, "E" type, XJR7. Chevron: B15/B20/B16/B19/ B21/B36. Lola: T70 Mk III/IIIB/T296/210. IndyCars: Penske, Lola, March. IMSA GTP: Spice/Chevrolet, Spice /Ferrari. Camel Light: Spice/Buick, Tiga/Mazda, Tiga/Ferrari. Morris Mini Cooper "S", Fiat Abarth, Lotus Elan, Super 7, Elite: Ford GT40, Mk I, Mk IV, Mustang…… various modern street cars...

The cars are divided into three groups; each group gets 30 minutes running time in sessions. For example:

Group A, out at 9:30am:

Group B, 10:00:

Group C, 10:30 and so on.

A: High performance cars. IndyCars, IMSA cars, Ferrari F40, Ford GT40, Lola T70 etc.
B: Cars of a lower performance, or owners who wish to drive at a more moderate pace.
C: Cars which by virtue of their type and age are inherently slower: Mini Cooper, Fiat Abarth, Porsche 356, Lotus 7, MGB etc.

In groups A & B drivers must wear modern safety equipment. Approved 2-layer driver suit, helmet to Snell 2015 (or later) specification. Group C drivers need to have an approved helmet and at minimum long sleeved shirt and trousers.

In all groups no restrictions are placed on speed or where you overtake.

Designated instructors only may go out in any group either as passenger or driver with two people in the car.

The success of the Club depends upon everyone conducting themselves to the highest standards of behavior. Both on - and off - the track!

Brian Redman

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact:

James Redman.Phone: 772-713-7322
E-mail: James@gorace.com

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